Friday July 24, 2015

So this is not exactly about the N but when I heard about this site I had to mention the story of how my parents met. My parents actually took the same bus from twin peaks (I honestly can't remember which line for the life of me) every day to work. I think my dad was working as an accountant for a modeling agency and my mother was a secretary for a legal firm. They would run into each other and talk occasionally. Probably talking about the great weather or lack of great weather. I don't know honestly. It took my dad a whole month to eventually ask her out. They dated for a few months and my mother's visa was actually set to expire. They had a shotgun wedding and then a few years later a really really awesome kid. Hope you all feel inspired and yeah maybe you too can find love on muni :)

I am a biracial San Franciscan who just finished university. I really love pesto pizza at great escape.

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